JSC Binergia

Modern medicine problems solvers

JSC Binergia is dynamically developing domestic pharmaceutical company. Company’s activities extend on the development, registration, production areas and a conclusion to the market of the medicines intended for rendering both stationary and out-patient medical care.

Main stages of company development:

  • 2009 – Foundation of the company. Formation of professionals team.
  • 2010 – Articaine and Articaine with adrenaline forte for stomatologiest registration certificates is obtained. Industrial release under the contract on production sites of the partners is organized.
  • 2011 – Active advance of stomatologic anesthetics on the pharmaceutical market. Receiving RU on group of preparations, among which Essential phospholipids, Binavit and others.
  • 2012 – Increase of medicine portfolio. Expansion of the range and start of production of stomatologic anesthetics in cartridges. Beginning of regular deliveries to city stomatologic policlinics. Receiving the first RU on substance.
  • 2013 – Creation of distributor network based on mutually beneficial relations with partners, advance of key products, such as Articaine with adrenaline, Essential phospholipids, search new ones, hi-tech and effective medicines. Organization of tender department.
  • 2014 – Supply of medicines to medical institutions across all Russia, obtaining the registration certificate and start of production of a preparation Rifampicin-Binergiya lyophilisate. Development and registration of medicines more than 10 pharmacotherapeutic groups are carried out.

Good health is vital for all of us for this reason JSC Binergiya doesn’t stop its activities. Our team continues to look for decisions for introduction to a grocery portfolio of modern, high-quality and effective and above all available medicines.