Articaine with adrenaline


In case of Adrenaline (epinephrin) availability in Articaine medicine with adrenaline forte is prolonged effect of medicine, the risk of developing of bleedings in the field of surgical intervention decreases. On the other hand, adrenaline interferes with excessive absorption of an articaine and development of its side effects. Articaine with adrenaline forte surpasses lidocaine and mepivacaine in the anesthetizing action several times more when carrying out infiltration and conduction anesthesia.

Dosage form:

Injections liquid (40 mg + 0,005 mg)/ml

Registration number:


International unlicensed name:

Articaine + epinephrin

Pharmacotherapeutic group:

Local anesthetic + alpha- and beta-adrenoceptor agonist

ATX code:


Application indication:

Infiltration and conduction anesthesia at stomatologic operations: uncomplicated removals of one or several teeth, processing of cavities and grinding of teeth before prosthetics at adults and children are more than 4 years.


Hypersensitivity of articaine or to the other local anesthetic means of amide type, except for cases when at hypersensitivity to local anesthetic means of amide type the allergy of articaine was excluded by means of all necessary rules corresponding research, carried out with observance and the requirement. Hypersensitivity to an epinefrin; hypersensitivity to any of auxiliary components of a preparation.

Release form:

10 cartridges with insert for its fixing from a cardboard box.

Hospitals packaging:

20, 50 planimetric plastic packaging (pallets) or planimetric cell packaging with ampoules and equal number of the application instruction in a box made of cardboard