Articaine is a modern domestic anesthetic! Created within the import substitution program, highly effective preparation Articain ampoule 40 mg/ml injections liquid, meets the modern requirements in the field of stomatologic services: – the minimum time between an injection and full anesthesia (1-3 min.) – possesses low toxicity, doesn’t contain stabilizers and preservatives, provides anesthesia duration till 20 min.

Dosage form:

Injections liquid 40 mg/ml

Registration number:


International unlicensed name:


Pharmacotherapeutic group:

Local anesthetic

ATX code:


Application indication:

Stomatology infiltration and conduction anesthesia


Hypersensibility on articaine or to the other local anesthetic medicines of amides group; megaloblastic anemia; narrowangle glaucoma; diseases of the endocrine system; chronic hypoxia; bronchial allergy.
Bouveret’s disease; ciliary tachyarrhythmia; heavy violations of cardiac conduction (for example, atrioventricular block of second and third level, expressed brachycardia), congestive heart failure, hypopiesia.

Volume maxillofacial operations, and also lasting intervention over 20 minutes. For children under 4 (efficiency and safety weren’t studied).

Release form:

1,7 ml medicine in cartridges. 10 cartridges in the planimetric plastic package (pallet) or planimetric cell package, or in the insert for cartridges fixing made of cardboard. 1, 5, 10 planimetric plastic packages (pallets) or planimetric cell packages, or inserts with cartridges and application instruction in a pack made of cardboard. Cartridges pack has two protective labels with a company logo (control of the first opening).

Hospitals packaging:

20, 50 planimetric plastic packages (pallets) or planimetric cell packages with ampoules and apllication instructions in the box made of cardboard.