Binavit is the combined medication. Group B neurophilic vitamins (aneurine, adermin, cyanocobalamin) make positive effect on inflammatory and degenerate diseases of nerves and locomotor system. It always uses for strengthening of a blood-groove and normalize work of nervous system, blood formation process (cyanocobalamine (B12 vitamin)). Vitamins aneurine (B1), adermin (B6) and cyanocobalamin (B12) are regulate a proteinaceous, carbohydrate and fat exchange, upregulate its normalization, improve function of locomotor, sensitive and vegetative nerves. Lidocaine is local anesthetic solution.

Dosage form:

Intravenous induction liquid

Registration number:


International unlicensed name:

Pyridoxin + thiamine + cyanocobalamin + lidocaine

Pharmacotherapeutic group:

Multivitamin supplement

ATX code:


Application indication:

Сomplex therapy of nervous system various origin diseases:

  • neuritis and polyneuritis, including optic neuritis;
  • neuralgia, including fifth cranial nerve and intercostal nerve;
  • peripheral paresis including seventh cranial nerve;
  • pain syndrome (radicular, myodynia);
  • plexopathy, ganglionitis (including herpes zoster);
  • neuropathy and polyneuropathy (diabetical, alcoholical etc.);
  • adult patient night muscle cramps;
  • neurologic manifestations of backbone osteochondrosis (radiculopathy, lumboischialgia, myotonia acquisita).
  • hypersensibility of medicine components;
  • congestive heart failure, decompensation stage of chronic cardiac failure;
  • thrombosis and thrombembolia;
  • kids up to 18 years (efficiency and safety of application does not establish).
Release form:

2 ml of medicine each ampoule made of light-protective neutral glass. Ampoules placed in planimetric plastic package made of polietilentereftalatnoa film.