Rifampicine — Binergia

Dosage form:

Lyophilisate for liquid infusions solution 150 mg

Registration number:


International unlicensed name:


Pharmacotherapeutic group:

Antibiotic — rifampicine

ATX code:


Application indication:

Tuberculosis (all forms) — as part of a combined therapy.
Cutaneous leprosy (in combination with dapsone — multibinomial type of disease).
Infection diseases caused by microorganisms, sensitive to rifampicin (in resistance cases to other antibiotics and as part of combined antimicrobical therapies; after an exception of the diagnosis of tuberculosis and a leprosy). The Brucellosis — as part of combined therapy with antibiotics of tetracycline group (doxycycline). Meningococcal meningitis (prevention at the persons which are in close contact with the diseased cerebrospinal fever; bacillicarriers Neisseria meningitidis).


Hypersensibility to medicine components, jaundice, recently postponed (less than 1 year) infectious hepatitis, a chronic renal failure, heavy pulmonary heart failure, nurseries age till 1 year.

Release form:

150 mg of rifampicin in the ampoules made of light-protective neutral glass has capacity of 5 ml of the NS-1 or NS-3 brand. Ampoules placed in planimetric plastic package (pallet) made of polyvinylchloride film or polietilentereftalatnoa film.

Hospitals packaging:

20, 25, 50, 100, 200 planimetric plastic packages (pallets) or planimetric cell packages and apllications instructions in the box made of cardboard.