New anesthetic Bupivakain-Binergia



Local anesthetic of long action Bupivakain-Binergiya solution for injections of 5 mg/ml (The Registration certificate of LP-002462) prepares for the first industrial release. The preparation is completely similar to preparations Markain and Markain Spinal solution for injections of 5 mg/ml both on structure, and on pharmacological action.
Bupivakain-Binergiya is applied to surgical anesthesia, knockings over of sharp pains at adults and children are more senior than 1 year, infiltration anesthesia at long postoperative pain, conduction anesthesia with long effect, is a choice preparation at continuous epiduralny anesthesia, is used for anesthesia in obstetrics, and also for spinal anesthesia at long lower extremity operations.