Medicine development

From idea to production

The research center of the company in close cooperation with the leading Russian institutes (MSU, the Center of theoretical problems of physical and chemical pharmacology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of toxicology, the Nizhny Novgorod medical academy, NPTs Probiotek, JSC ITsLS Biotekhnologiya) is engaged in development of technological processes of production of medicines, will organize carrying out preclinical and clinical trials, carries out validation of methods of the analysis, studies stability of the acquired samples of substances and preparations, makes packages of documents for the state registration.

From 2010 for 2015 I registered JSC Binergiya and I introduced in production more than 20 medicines and substances which are demanded in various areas of modern medicine.

Especially widely we captured group of preparations of modern local anesthetics, first of all, for stomatology in cartridges and ampoules.

In recent years search and research interest of the company is concentrated on medicines more than 10 socially important groups, such as:

  • The local anesthetics for infiltration, conduction and epiduralny anesthesia applied in surgery, obstetrics for knocking over of pain syndromes at interventions in traumatology, at operations in ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, neurology (both with vazokonstriktor, and without them)
  • Preparations for local anesthesia in stomatology on the basis of a mepivakain of a hydrochloride. Today these preparations are made only by foreign manufacturing firms
  • The combined preparations containing vitamins of group B
  • Antibiotics
  • Preparations – gepatoprotektor
  • Metabolic means
  • The preparations possessing spazmolitichesky, miotropny, vasodilating, hypotensive action

In close cooperation with the foreign partner we started development of the preparation applied at a sharp heart attack, ischemia of a myocardium, chronic heart failure at sharp violation blood circulation of a brain.

Besides, preparations for the general not inhalation anesthesia for intravenous administration in the form of an emulsion, antitubercular, X-ray contrast and other agents prepare for registration.

By 2018 the grocery portfolio of the company will make not less than 30 preparations the majority from which has no Russian analogs.